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Lake Hiawatha's Favorite Laundromat!

Welcome to Sud City Laundromat! Our top-notch facility is dedicated to delivering the ultimate laundry experience. With the largest selection of machines in town, ranging from 20LB to a staggering 85LB, we can handle even your toughest laundry day. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures a thorough clean, while saving you time and energy. Choose our self-service option to take control of your laundry, or take advantage of our specialty services like wash and fold or convenient pickup and delivery. Say goodbye to laundry duties and let us take care of it for you!


Delivering The Ultimate Laundry Day Experience To You!

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Wash and Fold

Did you know that on average, a person spends about 8 hours a month doing laundry? Save yourself precious time and let us take care of it! With our convenient wash and fold service, you can reclaim those hours and spend them doing things you actually enjoy. Leave your dirty laundry with us, and we'll handle the rest - washing, drying, folding, and neatly packaging it. Experience the luxury of more free time by taking advantage of our efficient and reliable service today!

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Pickup and Delivery

Did you know that outsourcing your laundry can save you valuable time and energy? Our convenient pickup and delivery wash and fold services ensure you can get your laundry done without leaving your home. Just bag up your dirty laundry, leave it outside your front door, and we'll return it washed, dried, and neatly folded. Discover the convenience and efficiency today!


Self Service

Looking for a hassle-free laundry experience? Look no further! Our facility offers a clean and well-maintained environment, fully equipped to cater to all your laundry day needs. From 20 LB to 85 LB washing machines, we have the largest range of machines in town, ensuring we can handle even your toughest laundry loads with ease. Join us and enjoy a stress-free laundry day today!

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Wash and Fold

Wash and Fold 24-48 Hour Service                                                 $1.49 Per LB

Wash and Fold Same Day Service (In by 12:00 PM)                      $1.89 Per LB

Pickup and Delivery Service (10 mile radius of Sud City)              $1.89 Per LB + $10 Delivery Fee

King/Queen/Full Size Comforter                                                     $23.00

Twin Comforter                                                                                $17.00

Puffy/Heavy Items                                                                            $15.00

Oversized Items                                                                                $20.00

Extra Wash Cycle                                                                             $4.00

Separate Loads                                                                                 $4.00

Add Bleach                                                                                       $2.00

Add Fabric Softener                                                                         $2.00

Hangers                                                                                            $1.00

Dryer Sheets                                                                                     $1.00

Self Service

20 LB Washing Machine         $3.75

30 LB Washing Machine         $4.75

50 LB Washing Machine         $6.50

85 LB Washing Machine         $10.00

Dryer                                       $0.25 Per 8 Mins


83B North Beverwyck Road

Lake Hiawatha, NJ 07034

(973) 404-0898

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